Nici Holt Cline Toddlers & Pre-School

If I had to name one thing that I have learned since becoming a parent it is that “plans” are really flexible aspirations; that everyone’s happiness increases exponentially with how bendy the whole approach is.

You Can Always Come Back Home

Nici Holt Cline Relationships

Mom and Dad? If I go somewhere else to college or something, I can always come back to Montana, right? Because I know I will always want to be in Montana.

Rainbow Cake For My Girl

Nici Holt Cline Toddlers & Pre-School

I stayed up really late on Friday night making her cake. It wouldn’t have been as late had I remembered to grease the cake pans, had the cakes come out cleanly, had I only had to make four cakes one time.

In The Garden, In The Kitchen

Nici Holt Cline Girls

When I cook and garden with my kids my world is vivid and understandable. I feel like we have everything we need: confidence, connection, simplicity, love, learning, ability and each other.


Nici Holt Cline Girls

As my big goal in life is to raise daughters who are compassionate, giving, strong thinking life-lovers, I recently decided we are going to collaboratively give more often. Specifically, in some small or large way, we will give every day.

A New Bra And I Run.

Nici Holt Cline Body Image

In the last few months the familiar itch to Run has been getting itchier. I wonder how I could prioritize it and, more nervously, what it would all look and feel like.