The Most Fantastic Six-Year-Old Boy You’ll Ever Meet

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I just went by Henry's school and asked him if he introduced himself and had to tell someone about himself what would he say?

“First I would tell them that my name is Rothokio. Its my spy name. But then, if I could tell them my real name, I would. You should always tell people your full name. Mine is Henry Jared Llewoh Jensen. I was born in New York City long long ago (2007). I moved to San Juan Island where I grew up (he is 6). I have two jobs, 1 is that I am an explorer and 1 is that I am a spy. I have 4 dollars in my piggy bank, if you want, I can show you.”

People almost always say two things in regards to my son Henry. The first one is “Nice outfit!” to which he looks to the ground and says either “Thanks” or “Do you like my fashion?” The second is “Wait, what did he say?” His teachers often get teary from laughing at the things he says to them while in the classroom. He is pretty advanced intellectually, but emotionally he is six so I think that those two factors really make for some great thoughts. I think that the interior of his brain is made of rainbows, references books and pure awesome. This is a collection of some of his favorite “fashions” that he sat with me and picked out, as well as some quotes that I have written down because they are just too good to forget!

“I'm half Raven. I don't know what you are, but you are not my father.” -Henry Jensen to his father.

“The more scared you are of things they bigger they appear to be. The less scared you are of things, the smaller they appear to be.” -Henry Jensen

“Henry is your glass half empty or half full?”
“It's half crazy.” -Henry Jensen

I pick up Ry to tickle her, she screams and Henry says “The Demon is here! Let go of your unholy grasp!”

“Where should I put my nipples?” -Henry Jensen

Me: “Henry, I think that another boy might be in love with Norah.”
Henry: “I will win her.”
Me: “How will you do that?”
Henry: “With my intelligence.” 

“Someone on the school bus told me I was a cutie.” Ry (Henry's sister) Henry looks at her and says “Did you also tell him that you were smart? Did you?!”

“Mama your hair is so beautiful, blowing in the wind like a Shetland pony.” -Henry Jensen

“Are we wild or domestic?” Henry.
“We are domestic, we live in a house.”
Henry walks out on porch and yells “Now am I wild?!”


“You know what? Last night my imagination crept out from the far parts of my brain and rested on my shoulders. It was full of ideas, mostly that you can change out exploding flowers for bullets and use vuvuzelas instead of guns.” -Henry Jensen

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