To My Child

Molly Austin Boys

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Dear Son,

From the moment I met you, I loved you with all of my being. It was instant, and powerful, and simply unexplainable. In an instant, my life changed forever. I had spent many months thinking about you, talking to you, and taking care of you, even before I laid eyes on you. Like a child at Christmas, I couldn’t wait to see my gift. And oh boy, were you worth the wait!

We share a bond that is like no other. You are part of me. I didn’t know what true and unconditional love was until you came into my life. All relationships require commitment, so my dear child, these are my commitments to you.

I promise to love you every day of our lives, no matter what. I promise that I will make mistakes as your mother. I will apologize when I am wrong, and try to make the best choices I can in raising you. I will always be here for you, regardless of the choices that you make. We will have great days, and some difficult days. I promise that you will love me, and occasionally you will think that you hate me. I won’t ever hurt you, put you in harm’s way, or not take care of you.

I will discipline you. I will hold you to high standards, expect you to learn from your mistakes, but I will not expect you to be perfect. You will have consequences when you error in your judgment. I will give you boundaries. I promise to respect you, but in return, you will respect me. I promise that I will always listen to what you say. I will be honest. I expect you to be honest too. I will be your friend, but only after I have been your parent first. I will try my best to keep you as innocent as I can, but I will need your help a little. I promise to raise you with good morals and values, so you grow up to be a respectable young man. I promise to lead by good example. I will hug you and kiss your cheek whenever I can for as long as you will let me. I will always wipe you tears, and never let my tears fall on your shoulders.

I will stand by you, support you, give you advice, and give you some freedom, but I will not let you do things that I know are wrong, just so you will like me. I will love you. I will love you. I will love you. And even when you grow up and become a man, I will still be your mother forever. You see, there is no bond stronger than a mother and her child. When you hurt, I will hurt. When you’re happy, I will be happy. Our hearts are forever connected. Our lives intertwined, and our bond unbreakable.

You are the greatest gift that I have ever been given. I am forever grateful for choosing the path that led me to you. So, in the words of a very wise little boy, “I love you all the way to New York, more than all the trees and bugs and planets, more than all the buildings and cars in the world, bigger than the sun and the moon, and more than all of the stars in the sky.”




About the Author

Molly Austin

Molly Austin was born and raised in the Bitterroot Valley, and currently lives in Missoula, Montana, where she has been a full-time Realtor for 10 years. Molly is the mother of 2 boys and a step-daughter and step-son. She would like to pursue writing as a career, but for now, writes whenever she has the opportunity.

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