Erin Britt Body Image

I have never one time talked about my body negatively in front of my daughters. They will always only hear me mention what makes me feel good, healthy and strong.

Dear Weight Watchers…

Jami Amerine Body Image

I was scrolling through your activities and the points for activities, and I think you are really missing the mark on points expenditures.

Raising Radicals: 6 Body Positive Books for Kids

Amy Pence-Brown Body Image

While I can (and do) tell my kids over and over that all bodies are good bodies and that there is no wrong way to have a body, it's so nice to expose them to other voices, artists, and stories in addition to mine.

The Haircut

Mary Ann Palmer Body Image

The wig was perfect; actually, it looked better than my own hair had, and it would never need trimming, just a weekly dunk in the sink.

A New Bra And I Run.

Nici Holt Cline Body Image

In the last few months the familiar itch to Run has been getting itchier. I wonder how I could prioritize it and, more nervously, what it would all look and feel like.