The Haircut

Mary Ann Palmer Body Image

The wig was perfect; actually, it looked better than my own hair had, and it would never need trimming, just a weekly dunk in the sink.

A New Bra And I Run.

Nici Holt Cline Body Image

In the last few months the familiar itch to Run has been getting itchier. I wonder how I could prioritize it and, more nervously, what it would all look and feel like.

Stronger Than Fear

Jenn Collins Body Image

I was afraid that by 35 I’d be too old to play with my son. So I did something about it.

You Are Not Alone: Orthorexia

Erin Loranger Body Image

When I read about orthorexia, I think about myself and a lot of my peers who relate to these symptoms, but don’t know there are resources.

Master Class – Balancing Sugar

Morgan Armstad Body Image

Don’t turn to “Dr. Google” to answer your nutrition questions when you can turn instead to HelloFlo and VProud’s Master Classes to get reliable, correct information.

An Uncomfortable Place

Nicki Gilbert Body Image

I chose to do this swim, from Alcatraz to San Francisco, to push myself into an uncomfortable place.

A Beautiful Mess

Emily Page Hatch Body Image

Somewhere along the way, I stopped caring if I was beautiful. I began trying to make beauty instead.

An Apology To My Body

Aimee Hain Body Image

I have learned that I am not perfect. Not even close. I’d like to take a moment, to make a long overdue apology. To My Body: