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Joseph Medler daddy-o

The challenging moments are frustrating for him and overwhelming for us. But between them, in the interstitials of a very full life, lies endless beauty. 

Pessimism, Optimism and Freeing My Truest Self

Joseph Medler daddy-o

Pessimism is easy it turns out. Not easy to endure, but SO MUCH EASIER to maintain than optimism. Pessimism is cloaked in world-weary, leathery toughness, but it's all an act. It's really just fear dressed up. Now, if you know an optimist that person is a badass. BAD. ASS.

Dear Dad, You’re Doing It All Wrong (A Letter to Myself)

Kelly Flanagan daddy-o

Stop trying to seize every moment. Stop trying to make your children’s lives extraordinary. Instead, allow every ordinary moment to seize you. Your kids’ lives are unfolding one moment at a time, and the thing they want most is also the thing they need most.

The Day the Sprinklers Made Me Hot

Sunshine Dad daddy-o

I've been thinking a lot about that day and how I've been so quick to become frustrated with them lately. I don't like it. I'm going to make a conscientious effort to be more patient and kind with them and to remember that they are just little guys


Joseph Medler daddy-o

Imitation is the Sincerest Form of Flattery

Renovation Time

Jeffrey Dotts daddy-o

My kids don’t teach me; they are me.  They are the reflection of me that I don’t or won’t or can’t see in the moment when they are behaving badly – when they’re the ones taking stuff from other kids. 

Dad + Saturday = Dadderday

Brian Anderson daddy-o

My wife, Kristin, works weekends. It’s a 24 hour shift starting Friday evening and ending Saturday evening. Everything in between is called Dadderday (Dad + Saturday).