I Blinked

Alyce Kominetsky Poetry

When I close my eyes I can vividly remember the moment.

Natural Light

Gillian Kessler Poetry

Dealing with mental illness takes an awful lot of strength. This poem is about when the strongest thing is to let go.

Little Things

Elizabeth Thompson Poetry

This is the poem I never thought I'd get to write, in the days when I wondered if anyone would ever call me “mom.”

In the Land of Dreams and Darkness

Rachel Guyah Poetry

Laundry, dishes, cleaning, the carousel spins and spins, yet I’m immobilized by my captor’s cries, chained to this chair, once again.

While Sweeping

Veronica San Chirico Miller Poetry

I should hope the signs of their presence will linger long after they have left their mother love for the love of someone/something/someplace else.


Julia Arnold Poetry

I wonder who else will love her as wholly as I do. Her perfectly imperfect self. Her beautiful little soul.

Relative Motion

Samantha Wassel Poetry

And when the motion finally slows—just enough for him to recollect my presence, and reach out to me—is it only my imagination, or is the boy I lift in my arms clinging to me a little less tightly than the one I put in moments ago?