Run And Yell

Hatton Littman Poetry

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We ran until our lungs gave out

Yelling at the top of our lungs like sirens passing each other in the field.

Laughing at ourselves and the joy of being irreverent

And then it hit me


In the quiet cold of a lonely bed

That I needed to just keep running

And yelling

That I had so much to get out

That I needed to wail, sob, fall over exhausted and then still utter more

Moaning into the earth and heaving prayers up to the sky

Keeping time with the waves of emotion rolling up from within

The recognition of my truest self

Of loneliness

Of the soft underbelly of being that never gets exposed

Of the most desperate needing and longing for love and acceptance.


About the Author

Hatton Littman

Hatton Littman is a phenom mom and the Technology and Communications Director for Missoula County Public Schools. In between school board meetings, school bond campaigns, the unveiling of 21st century school initiatives, kid carpools and listening to her husband, Hatton finds time to dance like crazy, practice Yoga, mountain bike and rock climb, paddle board, ski, organize her girlfriends for a surf trip and play scrabble. Hatton is living out and loving the second chapter of her life with her second husband Cameron Johnson and her two boys Weston and Ben. They make the most of the Montana lifestyle together.

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January 2016 – Story
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