An Unexpected Path: Focus

Daria Mochan Postpartum

I’m sure all moms can relate (at least I hope you can) to feeling that you’ve changed immensely since becoming a mom. In my five and a half years of parenting, I certainly have. There are the quite obvious physical changes, but also subtler personality changes too.  I quite frequently reflect on my pre-kid days and wonder what the heck did I do with all that free TIME or oh how I miss sleeping. Mostly though I wish I could be that focused again.  For the last six years I’ve been in a thick fog that I just can’t shake.

Sharing To Heal Myself

Michelle Stephens Postpartum

All I can do is keep pushing through and hope that by choosing to finally talk candidly about my struggles, I will help at least one other woman to not feel as alone as I did.

Mommy Can Run

Laura Lohr Postpartum

Finding time to take care of myself isn’t easy. Yet I know I have to make the time.

Seventy Percent

Ashley Kim Postpartum

I have considered both how much my husband’s life has been altered by our daughter and what, if anything, I would include on a list to encourage further change in his life. 

Love Did Not Protect Me

Jackie Semmens Postpartum

Before I had children, being tired meant staying up late to finish a paper in school, or feeling run down from a mild illness.