Sharing To Heal Myself

Michelle Stephens Postpartum

All I can do is keep pushing through and hope that by choosing to finally talk candidly about my struggles, I will help at least one other woman to not feel as alone as I did.

Mommy Can Run

Laura Lohr Postpartum

Finding time to take care of myself isn’t easy. Yet I know I have to make the time.

Seventy Percent

Ashley Kim Postpartum

I have considered both how much my husband’s life has been altered by our daughter and what, if anything, I would include on a list to encourage further change in his life. 

Love Did Not Protect Me

Jackie Semmens Postpartum

Before I had children, being tired meant staying up late to finish a paper in school, or feeling run down from a mild illness.

Learning To Hold The Light

Elizabeth Hollis Hansen Postpartum

Despite all the fatigue and discomfort and the lack of sleep and neglect of one’s personal hygiene, there is this baby that is the most perfect human being.


Erika Krumbeck Postpartum

Bárcsak egy másik anya, aki szülés utáni depresszióval küzd, tanulhatna az én kívánságaimból.