Learning To Hold The Light

Elizabeth Hollis Hansen Postpartum

Despite all the fatigue and discomfort and the lack of sleep and neglect of one’s personal hygiene, there is this baby that is the most perfect human being.


Erika Krumbeck Postpartum

Bárcsak egy másik anya, aki szülés utáni depresszióval küzd, tanulhatna az én kívánságaimból. 

New Moms Welcome

Tina Donvito Postpartum

The words we found ourselves uttering time and again were, “No one told me it would be like this.”

Let It Go

Adrian Wood Postpartum

I watch you struggling to hold the pieces in a puzzle that is being not only turned upside but physically shaken by life and what it has offered you.

3:30 A.M.

Kimberly Zapata Postpartum

I thought the guilt and confusion was normal. I thought the tears were normal. I thought I was just adjusting my new mommy role.