Just The Two Of Us

Kelli Raleigh Special Needs

I willingly made the choice to become a single mom with T1D, but it took a lot of self-acceptance.

Seeing Clearly

Samantha Willner Special Needs

Growing up in a small hometown, I was shaped and defined by the fact that I was “the girl with diabetes.”

Dear Doctor: Why Are You Crying?

Nicolette Brunner Special Needs

I DO have a full life. Sure, there are handicaps that prevent me from being at full strength, but the life that I’ve made for my family and myself is full.

Dear Fellow Moms: Join Me In The Pool

Rachel Garlinghouse Special Needs

I’m teaching my children that the evidence of my disease will not prevent me from living life, enjoying the gifts of heat and water and sunshine that summer gives us.

August – Beyond Type 1

Sara Jensen Special Needs

I hope that when you read some of these stories from the lives of people and families living with Type 1, they will help you understand our battle better.

This Is What I Know

Elaine Sheff Special Needs

This is what I know: there are so many heart-rending and devastating things about having a sick child.