Your Beautiful Disability

Kimberly Rodriguez Special Needs

Living in a society where bullying has become such a prevalent issue, it is beautiful to see that these young children do not see anything as being “wrong” with a person. 

She Stutters

Jessica Burdg Special Needs

She stutters so badly, and she starts preschool next month. Can you fix it? Can you make them be patient, help them understand her? Can you promise they will be kind?

Diving Into A Diagnosis

Erin Britt Special Needs

I found life down there at the bottom of that vast sea, a group of like-minded parents who knew exactly what I was feeling, parents who knew exactly what I was experiencing. 

The Invitation

Joanne De Simone Special Needs

Sebastian’s social calendar has been wide open his entire life. I have struggled to help him make friends. Everyone else’s children seem to lead over-scheduled lives. It has always been difficult to insert him in their mix.