4 End of Summer Guilty Pleasures

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I've seen a lot of writing from moms who are sad to see the end of summer. They want more precious sun-soaked days with their children. More ice cream and lazy mornings. More bike rides and water slides.

Not me. I'm tired. I don't want to wash any more bathing suits and beach towels. No more complaining about boredom and whining for TV. I want school. The only bike ride I want to take at this point is the one-way five block ride to our local elementary where I will happily leave my four beloved children for their six-hour school day and it's going to take at least a month before I care if they have recess, snack, or whether they've learned a damn thing. Just baby sit them for free please while I scrub the ever-loving tarnish out of this damn house.

I hope to feel differently by October. Maybe I'll even rally enough to care about reading logs. In the meantime, I'm surviving the remaining two weeks before FDOS with some after bedtime guilty pleasures. I'll share my secret obsessions if you'll share yours?

1Outlander. If you aren't tuned into this Starz adaption of the best-selling books by Diana Gabaldon, the end of your summer is now full. It's period drama, which I happen to adore, meets time travel and incredible eye candy in kilts. A smart, beautiful WWII battle nurse falls back in time and meets her soul mate in the form of Jamie, an 18th century Scottish warrior. The books are incredibly fast-paced and unexpectedly, but realistically, vicious. The series so far has not let me down. Start with the first book. The series is brand new and episodes air on Saturdays.

2. Cancel the Wedding. This debut novel by Carolyn Tempel Dingman is a classic romance complete with a sexy small southern town newspaper man, a lost but adorable heroine looking for her past, and an unexpected and well-plotted family mystery. I stayed awake too late to finish it. Not only is this an enjoyable summer read, but buying it supports an awesome writer who got her start blogging.

3. Covert Affairs. I can't get enough of CIA agents Annie Walker and Auggie Anderson on USA Network's super spy series. I love the departure from the typical male spy/military trope in highly capable and deadly Annie.  Her teamwork with blind tech genius Auggie is effective and amusing. Even when this series goes off the rails, they somehow keep me engaged and back for another week. Best of all, the first four seasons are free on Amazon Prime. Season five airs on Tuesday nights. 

4. Flashpoint. Apparently, I'm into police dramas this summer because my final recommendation is this older series that ran from 2008 to 2012 on CBS. It follows the missions of an elite SWAT team in Toronto trained in psychological evaluation and negotiation with crazy people threatening others with harm. The story lines stay fresh, the team is not hard to look at, and best of all, all five seasons are completely free on Amazon Prime. 

Happy end of summer! Tell the kids to go play outside.

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