The Slacker Mom’s Guide To Baking

Jennifer Weedon Palazzo Elementary School

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You never baked before becoming a mom. What makes people think you are going to start now? But for some inexplicable reason, baking seems to be a job requirement for modern motherhood. All of those bake sales, birthday parties, and not to mention Christmas cookies. At a time in your life when you are busier, more overwhelmed, and exhausted than ever, somehow you are expected to channel Betty Crocker!

Here at MomCave, (a network of snarky comedies for moms), we call bullshit. But since calling bullshit doesn't go over well with your mother-in-law or the head of the PTA bake sale, we made the little video below. SLACKER MOM saves your ass with “Slacker Mom's Guide to Baking.”


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Jennifer Weedon Palazzo

Jennifer Weedon Palazzo is a mom and working actress.She is the creator/writer/and producer of , an online network of comedy shows for moms. When she’s not writing about the funny side of being a mom, Jennifer can be found eating Reese’s Cups while furiously bidding on vintage clothing on eBay. She lives in Manhattan with her husband and their son. Follow her on .

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February 2016 – Food
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