Love Comes Back Around

Elaine Alguire Empty Nest

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From the moment she sees two little pink lines, or a plus sign or even the word “Pregnant”, she loves you.

Even if unexpected, she cannot help herself.

When your eyes meet for the very first time everyone in the room can tell it is true love, even if it does not feel like it yet.

She cradles you to her breast and even if she feeds you otherwise, there you are both safe.

Her hands smooth your baby fine hair and gently wash you with warm water and a little cloth.

Your coos are like music for her soul.

She celebrates each milestone with an enormous smile and applause, even though she is tired and her days seem to run together.

Over and over she sings the same song because you like it and you show her your precious baby teeth when she does.

Soon, you are crawling away from her and she protects you the best she can.

She has pushed you in the same blue swing at the park so many times, her hands must be sore.

When you sleep she simultaneously celebrates and misses you.

Her clothes are stained from the pea puree that you didn't much like.

Her eyelids are heavy at the end of each day and she thinks about you and your future.

She notices your chunkier thighs and records the few words you can now say.

She bakes you a cake and puts one big candle on top.

Everyone sings and there are balloons and bows.

She tells you to make a wish as she makes one too.

Her wish comes true and you grow and grow and grow.

And then you leave.

Now her heart is in more than one place.

Not much longer and she welcomes you home with another little one, with baby soft hair and your same eyes.

She thinks of those days when you were tiny.  She wishes them back for just a moment.

Then she relishes in the ways you are the same and the ones you are different too.

She cradles her baby's baby and takes in the luscious scent.

Years pass and something else unexpected….

So you wash her and brush her hair and make sure she eats.

She thanks you for taking care of her.  You tell her she did the same for you so it's only fair.

You are exhausted at the end of each day, but your love for her knows no bounds so you know….

…exactly how she felt when she first saw you.  First held you.

Her days left are short.

You want to spend them all with her.

You see her sleep and wish she could tell you another one of her stories.

The cake you bake is to celebrate her life.

You eat and laugh together and she tells you how easy it was to have you as a baby, as a child.

Even though it was not always easy.

And you know that.

She goes.

You mourn and promise to always give back to your own what she gave you.


Unconditional, no-strings-attached love.


About the Author

Elaine Alguire

Elaine Alguire is an uprooted Texan living in Cajun country with her three amazing kids. When not writing or photographing her kids or other people, she is blogging at , or posting pics on .

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