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Being able to conceive a child isn't a thought that usually first crosses your mind. Of course I can, I'm a woman. That is until you start trying to have a baby. Sometimes the struggles you face trying to get pregnant can seem insurmountable. Weeks, months, and years, can go by still you keep trying. According to the CDC, a little over ten percent of women in the U.S. have dealt with fertility issues. That's 6.7 million people. Many Mamaloder's have gone through the basics, from buying basal body thermometers, ovulation prediction kits, and supplements. Then there's the more frustrating moments of watching your friends and others celebrate their big, expectant bellies, all while you keep trying. Maybe you had to suffer miscarriages in the attempts to have a child. Maybe you've been lucky enough to have one baby but you want a second, and its just not happening.

Or even after being successful in fertility treatments, you think you're done when boom, there's those two lines again. Luckily, its good to know you are aren't alone! Whether your hubby is your unsung hero in the battle for a baby or you have to constantly remind yourself to take the bad with the good after conceiving, you aren't alone.

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