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Every year our family adopts another family in need to buy gifts for. I include the kids in the process and tell them all about the family and their names and ages.

We talk about what they want and wrap all of their gifts together. As a mother, I am trying my hardest not to raise entitled kids. My children are still very young (six and three) so presents are at the forefront of the most important things for the holidays.

I try to use the adopting of a family to teach gratitude and how important it is to be able to give to others and that you should always do so if you have the means. It was eye opening when they realized the presents we bought may be the only ones the family gets for Christmas (and some slight confusion with Santa and why he wouldn’t be bringing them gifts).

It is so hard to teach gratitude in the world today but I try my hardest to teach lessons and do things that will make them pause – even if just for a moment- and be thankful. As they grow up we will continue to adopt a family every year and I look forward to having them voluntarily chip in money towards the gifts one day.

Giving back during the holidays is the best tradition there is and I hope my kids will grow up feeling the same way.

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Amy Campero

Amy is a native New Orleanian, former New Yorker, and newbie Austinite. She is currently employed as a stay at home mom but always in search of someone to hire her to travel the world with her husband and two babes. In her spare time you can find her negotiating with children, obsessing over books, enjoying a glass of wine, and writing about her family’s adventures at .

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