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Wowza, what a year we’ve had! Mamalode is exploding and you know what—it is because of YOU. Our readers have shipped, trucked and shared our print magazines all over the world. Online we are getting shares, like, stumbles and love.

Please accept our virtual high fives, foot rubs, and thanks!

Here’s what happened to us this year…

We got a fancy new video done by the lovely lads at CHISEL Industries:

Our biggest focus was launching our new Mamalode.com (big thanks to Digital Wax Works.) We are having a ball with it—such a great way to send Mamalode into the world.

We kept rocking our print issues, the Greatest Hits on iPad, and three posts a day online.

We moved into an office, a business incubator (Get it? Moms? Incubating?) called MonTec. The first official Mamalode Global Headquarters that isn’t Elke’s house. It is awesome.

We hired some kick ass folks. Matt—our web wonder who lets us call him “momgeek”, Katherine—rocking our marketing efforts, Tori—assisting editorial, and Ruth who manages operations. 

We won some awards. Our HUMOR print issue cover won an ADDY Award and also our CAPACITY issue was featured in Best American Essays as a Notable Special Issue.

We traveled. A lot. Mamalode was at BlogHer Entrepreneurs, Mom 2.0, Summit, HATCH, C2 Montreal, and the Butte Economic summit where we met Sheryl Sandburg and she said “Mamalode! I love Mamalode. The folks at BlogHer love you!” Then Elke turned into a blubbering fan girl, but we don’t think Sheryl noticed.

Mother’s Day Eve went national with parties across the country. We are rolling out a big program around this in 2014—keep an eye out! This year we teamed up with our beloved Oula for an awesome flash mob.

In short, 2013 was the year Mamalode exploded and became a movement. Thank you dear readers. We will keep on keeping up with you and your passion. You fuel, inspire and grow us. Everyday, every year.

2014—Here We Come!

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