September: BAM!

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September is one of our favorite months of the year—sunny, cooler and full of color. Moms are pretty cool and full of color too, so we’re doing something special. We’re launching a campaign to feature and celebrate all of you. And we’re asking the world to join us by nominating badass moms. There you have it. BAM!

For the entire month of September, we’ve teamed up with Voke Tab, a Montana company that makes natural energy “tabs,” to create a month of stories that demonstrate just how badass you are. There are so many ways to be a BAM. BAMs run races, run companies and sometimes run as fast as they can just to get through the day. Some climb mountains, some move them. It’s all badass. Because to be a mom, you have to be.

And Voke Tab is a special partner because they get it. Started by a competitive ski racer in partnership with his dad, Voke originally set out to provide fuel for high performance athletes—and that they did. But they quickly realized some of the most extreme badasses were moms and thus this campaign was born. Their tabs aren’t designed to give you a mad rush, but rather a steady helping hand that gets you to the finish line. Whether that finish line is your bed, a yoga class, cooking dinner, cleaning up from dinner or getting the kids to bed, it’s there for you.

So this month, read about all kinds of badass moms and nominate the BAMs in your life. And maybe see if a little extra energy is just what you need to get there.



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Dori Gilels is Mamalode's Publisher and COO. She once told her husband there isn't a single thing she started that she didn't finish. Need we say more?

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September 2015 – BAM
We are thrilled to work with VOKE tab (natural energy tabs) to power BAM and highlight so many #badassmoms
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