Better Together – A Look Back

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This month we celebrated the people who are on this journey with us. The people who make us better; the people who make our lives better. The people who are helping to better our children.

We celebrated the communities that come together in times of strife, the well-intentioned in-laws who drive us crazy, but make our children’s lives happier. Together, we hoped our children would forever need us and that they would always cherish the nightly rituals we’ve worked so hard to establish.

Tony Posnanski extended a gesture of kindness to strangers in To The Woman And Child Who Sat At Table Nine…

Shelley Wetton’s ex-husband’s soon-to-be wife (you follow me?) opened up new doors for co-parenting through kindness in The Beauty of Mothering Together.

“It’s just wind. It will pass. No rain.” This phrase used at her wedding became a metaphor for Meghan Walbert throughout her marriage.

Linda Wolff’s father taught her What it Means to Win from an early age.

We fell in love with the photos from Kate Parker’s Strong is the New Pretty campaign.

Christy Stillwell wondered about the differences between being an introvert and just plain rude in Mean or Shy?

And, we were reminded that sometimes in order to be BETTER TOGETHER, we first have to master the art of being Better Alone.

Mamalode is the epitome of BETTER TOGETHER. What a community we have here. Thank you all for a wonderful month.



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May 2015 – Better Together
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