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Summer in the land of Mamalode means many things.

It means sticky hands and popsicle smeared faces. Summertime is running, jumping, playing; it’s wet hair soaking cotton shirts and damp towels forgotten in the backseat of my car. Summer means always having a little cash on hand in case the icecream truck dances by. It’s sprinklers and pools and staying up late.

But, starting tomorrow, summer at Mamalode also means new content EVERY SINGLE DAY. That’s right, we’re moving to publishing 7 days a week! So come back everyday in July for so. much. Mamalode.

But before we launch ourselves into July, let me take you back to June for just a minute with some of our favorite moments from our month of KINDNESS.

“The goodness that can arise in the face of adversity is astounding. Kindness is in all of us. Kindness is the purpose for which we are all placed on this Earth. Kindness is stronger. Kindness is better. Kindness wins. A quick glance at the news doesn’t always tell the full story. Where there is great pain, there is also great love. There is also great hope. There is also great kindness.” – Lexi Behrndt’s Pain is Universal, And So Is Kindness

“You see, you and I are the same. We want the same things. You and I are on the same team.” – Sarah DeNome, A Letter to the Mom of the Boy Who is Bullying My Son

“When my husband comes home from work in a less-than-stellar-mood and gets grumpy with me, I can choose to get my grump on too. Or I can choose to be kind.” – Alison Lee, It Costs Nothing

“My negative self-talk was rubbing off on my baby girl, and it didn't hit me until she hit herself.” – Jessica Burdg, Be Kind To Yourself Too, Momma

“Because I get to see you when you are kind. Because your eyes widen and you smile when you see something you've never seen before. Because your forehead wrinkles when you are thinking really hard about something. Because when you get excited to do something you fling your arms behind you as you run out of the room. Because when I look into your eyes I see your mom, and I am reminded about how much we love each other.” – John Kinnear’s Dad, Am I Pretty?

“Dad, you’re doing it all wrong. Stop trying to seize every moment. Stop trying to make your children’s lives extraordinary. Instead, allow every ordinary moment to seize you. Your kids’ lives are unfolding one moment at a time, and the thing they want most is also the thing they need most. They want you to be a witness. To their passing moments.” – Kelly Flanagan, Dear Dad, You’re Doing It All Wrong (A Letter To Myself)

“You have been her oasis. You have provided comfort each day. You have given her a stable foundation she simply can’t find anywhere else right now. You are teaching her that when the rest of life is off-kilter, school can provide refuge.” – Tracy Jensen To My Daughter’s Teacher: The Impact of Kindness

Thanks Mamaloders for another wonderful month. From everyone at Mamalode, we couldn’t be more excited about what’s to come. We’ll be seeing you EVERY SINGLE DAY starting tomorrow…does it get any better than that?


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Tori Roberts

Tori started as an intern, then worked as an editorial assistant, and is now our managing editor. She graduated from the University of Montana School of Journalism in 2013 and now lives in Boston, MA.

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June 2015 – Kindness
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