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Oh, time, time, time… you tricky rascal. How is it that getting from morning to lunch takes forever, yet the birthdays just fly by me? How is it that my kids are so big?

I honestly can’t seem to get a handle on this time thing. Since becoming a mom, people have told me to make time for myself. Out of what, exactly, I don’t know, but I would guess it is like crafting or cooking. If I can get the right supplies or ingredients perhaps then I can whip up a batch of time. Until then, though, I will just keep on pushing, squeezing and cramming so much into my day that it might in fact burst.

This month we share with you stories about TIME. The moments where you said “it's time”. The ways time flies or crawls or stops. And how TIME shaped you.

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Elke Govertsen is a entrepreneur and founder of Mamalode. She has been featured in Real Simple, Forbes, Where Women Create, Ad Tech, and listed as one of Origin Magazine's "Top 100 Creatives." She has been a speaker at The Girls Lounge, Adweek, C2Montreal, HATCH, TEDx and (her favorite) in classrooms. She speaks on a variety of topics from entrepreneurship to overcoming obstacles. She loves consulting in the areas of community design, storytelling and brand building. Her special skills include extreme bootstrapping, overcoming obstacles and creating opportunities. Of the many things she has learned by doing Mamalode, her ability to work with absolute chaos/kids/mess just might be the best. She is learning that slowing down creates more impact.

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