Mother’s Day Eve® 2014!

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Did you know Mamalode began with a party?

It’s true, a party for moms, by moms on the night before Mother’s Day. The idea was to spend time with your mama friends on Saturday, partying, pampering, dancing and celebrating each other. Sunday could still be family day and if you were really lucky, sleeping in would be in the plan.

It started with 40 women, and quickly grew. It’s been a house party, a gathering at a restaurant, at a health club, and on the beach—a party as adaptable and unique as mothers themselves. The response from women and businesses who took part in Mother’s Day Eve® provided the rocket fuel that launched Mamalode…

Mother’s Day Eve® is going big this year.

We are selling licenses and kits so you, mama, can join the movement and shape it to fit your dream party…

Personal License—FREE! 
Private event. Night out with your pals. Night in with your pals. Slumber party. Wine bar. Picnic. Potluck. Bonfire…

Business License
Market your business, club or organization. With this license you are planning to invite others and broadcast your event. Use this license to grow your business, group or club. Get people to come to your store, facility or event.

Enterprise License
Sell sponsorships, make some money on this baby. Whether you are an individual, media company or fundraising group, this is a great way to rally people to your cause.

All levels include kits to make your event easy-peasy (downloadable templates, design, etc.)

If your company or group has multiple locations and is looking to purchase multiple licenses, a bulk discount is available. Area exclusives are also available for purchase on a case by case basis.

Missoula Mamas—You don't need to buy a license. Just save the date (May 10th, 2014). We are planning the biggest Mother's Day Eve Bash yet! The licensing program is for Mamaloders outside of Missoula.


Want your party kit FREE? Have questions on how to throw the best party ever? Contact Jennifer at

Click here to buy a license!

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