Mothers Deserve to Be Celebrated

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My first Mother's Day Eve Bash. New Mom. Breast feeding exclusively. Need I say more? I desperately needed that time away with other mothers—to tell me that it was hard, that it would change, that I wasn't crazy, that the love was big, and that no one could explain it to me—I had to live it.

Now imagine your perfect day planned for you. Thoughtfulness at it's highest level. What you might want to eat, drink, listen to, look at, participate in, talk about. Sound good? Now fill up that space with women EXACTLY LIKE YOU!

The Mother’s Day Eve® Bash is a lovely and comfortable way of stretching yourself. It is bigger than your friend circle but small enough for you to not intimidated walking in alone. There are manicures, massages, wine, cookies, yoga classes, hot tubs, goody bags and prizes for the most swollen belly and oldest Grandmother. 

There is always talk of it after—late at night snuggled in bed with your husband or the next day emailing a friend that sadly missed it. It shows up in the extra patience that you have with your children because of how life was breathed back into you the night before.

Mothers are to be celebrated—at least once a year.

Mother’s Day Eve® is a moment where moms come together to celebrate each other and the sisterhood of motherhood. The Saturday night before Mother’s Day, line up the sitters and ditch the dads, because this party is just for the mamas. Find out how to join the Mother's Day Eve movement!

This post was originally published on BlogHer on May 3, 2013.

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