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We are proud of this new step, and of all the steps it has taken to get here.

Mamalode has grown from an idea, to a local magazine, and now to a national movement. How? Well, the answer is simple: YOU.

So we want this to be our gift to you—our new online magazine (you can still get print HERE). Each month will be a different theme (May is REAL, June is TIME) and we will have three posts a day centered on a mom’s life.

  • Naptime (10 am EST) 

Even if your kids don’t nap anymore, 10 is still a great time to think of (long for?) nap time. Check in, tune out, tuck in.

  • The Witching Hour (4 pm EST) 

Oh, the nemesis of moms everywhere— no matter the ages of your kids, it both the end of the day and the beginning of the evening craziness (seriously, it is like dinner happens every, single day). Pop over to Mamalode during the mayhem for a little pep talk.

  • Bedtime (8 pm EST) 

After their eyes close, after it is quiet, after you stop for that one little second and breath in their sleeping little bodies (my kids get smaller as they get sleepier, do yours?) come on back to Mamalode to wrap up another fuller-than-is-possible day.

Come back everyday, once, twice, three times or more. Or sign up for our weekly email and let us come to you. However you need Mamalode, it's yours.

Read. Write. Share. This is your precious me-time. Thanks for spending it with us.

Being a mom is wonderful, terrifying, overwhelming, beautiful—and most of all a massive team effort. We are in this together. Welcome to Mamalode.

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