6 Reasons Why Having a Family of 6 Rocks

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I have always dreamed of having a large family. My father is one of 12, my maternal grandmother is one of 13. While I certainly had no interest in birthing a full basketball team (mad props to those who do), I did know that one or two kids wouldn't be enough.  Luckily, Captain agreed. Now, when people hear that I am the mother of four, their responses are: “WOW, you're so busy!” or “You've certainly got your hands full!” with the occasional, “You're insane.” thrown in there. And yes, there are times that they're all true. But there are also bits of bliss in having a large family:

1. There are never leftovers. Some people may see this as a bad thing, but I am not a fan of reheated food.  Also, we don't own a microwave, so reheating leftovers is a pain.

2. When we all work together, things get done super-fast. Unless it's a puzzle. Somehow more hands do not equal less work on that front.

3. We are constantly trying different things. Between diet restrictions due to allergies, varying tastes, and just plain curiosity, we try a lot of new (to us) food combinations.  And we all know the world revolves around food!

4. There is always something to do. I'm a do-er. I love being up and at 'em, especially on the weekends when Captain is home with us. Whether it's soccer games, birthday parties, friendly gatherings, or just trips to the library, there is always an outing in the works.

5. Lots and lots of reading. Speaking of trips to the library; I love books. Captain loves books. We all sit in on storytime, and each kid picks a book. That's four bedtime stories a night. And it's wonderful.

6. Someone is always available to cuddle. Thank goodness we have a King sized bed.

Yes, I am busy. More often than not, our house is just a whirlwind of crazy. But, it's the big, messy chaos of love type of crazy, and it's perfect for us.

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