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Submitted by Julie Gardner.

I Covet:

1. A day at a spa–just imagine.

2. A month in Italy with my girls and my sweetheart (all 5 of us covet this)!

3. American ceramicist Adrian Arleo's beautiful pieces.

4. Homemade rhubarb pie.

5. Mama's who will unabashedly share a list like this!


1. Scrabble app—the perfect cure for insomnia.

2. Reading glasses with bling —if you gotta wear 'em…

3. Iced tea, then wine at Caffe Dolce.

4. My Kona Hei Hei bike.

5. My kitchen scissors . I cut everything from pork chops to pizza with them—because I'm a mom.

6. Whiskey Rocks —ice that won't melt, even in my iced tea!           

7. Cold river water on a hot day—something we didn't have growing up in the Midwest.

8. Chalkboard countertops —from notes to art projects, they're the best!

9. Sorrels with yak tracks —they make me feel invincible.

10. My swinging bed on the sleeping porch—where I belong.

Tell us….what are 5 things YOU covet and your top ten 10 go-tos? Submit via

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