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Mamaloders have HOT baby-daddies. 

We asked our readers to send us pics of the men in their lives and we got an overwhelming response. What more is there to say than YOU GO GIRLS!

So, this is Volume 2 of our Hot Dad series. 

“Here is my HOT husband! He is the ultimate dad and a true manly man, can't get much hotter! Plus, he's mine.” –Jennifer Wagner

“Josh Decker is the total package. Funny, kind, strong, creative, and adorably handsome.” –Grace McNamee Decker

“He can look so intimidating with that bald head .. But he is the sweetest soul and the most amazing daddy I know!!” –Toni Olinger

“He is the most gentle, loving, loyal and hilarious human I know. I'm proud to call him mine!” –Laney Hoy Hensel

Spencer is a hot dad when he nuzzles our infant son, rocks the Tram skiing with our daughter, makes an amazing dinner, and works his ass off for our family… and he's just hot to look at, too.” –Molly E. H. Bradford

“Eric is my HOT baby daddy! He's an awesome best friend who I didn't think I could love any more deeply until we had our boys. I really think he is the total package and I'm looking forward to growing old with him.” –Christi Halls Robinson

“My husband, Steve, is the best father I could ever imagine for our 3 sons.” –Melissa Jensen Klimkiewicz

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