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ESTJ: The Boss

She may not be President of the PTA, but that doesn’t stop her from running it. She knows what she wants and how to get it. She has a detailed plan, she will make it happen, and it is in your best interest not to cross her as she does.

ESFJ: Cookie Mom

She was the first to bring you a meal when your new baby was born, and has been at your door with baked goods for every difficult life event since. She keeps extra treats in her purse at all times.

ISTJ: The Stickler

She is the only mother you know with twin toddlers and a clean house. She will not laugh at your story about how your child was half an hour late to school, because tardiness is not funny. You should have been on top of that.

ENFP: The Social Director

You definitely know this Mom, because she knows absolutely everyone. Her weekly play dates spill into the backyard, and are attended by every mother you’ve ever met, from your church to the tennis club to the soup kitchen where you volunteer across town. There is always wine.

ISFP: Artsy Loner Mom

She’s not alone because she’s unfriendly; she’s alone because she’s content. She will be glad to let you into her rainbow world though, as long as you don’t bring any drama along.

INTJ: The Silent Conqueror

You will rarely see this Mom out in the wild. She will be there, though, smiling in the back of the room at the end of year assembly as her daughter wins EVERY. SINGLE. AWARD. Didn’t your child start math tutoring around the time of her first words? No? That explains it.

ENTP: New Age Mom

She was the first of your friends to try going vegan, gluten-free, sugar free, or whatever the new health craze was. She was also the first to try co-sleeping, essential oils, and child-led weaning. Some of her experiments worked out, some did not. She does not follow the crowd, though – the crowd follows her.

ISFJ: The Lifeline

She’s the emergency contact person for just about every kid in the neighborhood, and is probably the only mom to remember your kid’s middle name and birthday. She has never been late picking up the carpool, even when a couple of extra kids are added at the last minute.

ENTJ: The PTA President

She is also a room mother, Girl Scout leader, and soccer coach. She runs these organizations with an iron fist and a sweet smile.

INTP: Deadpan Mom

The last to squeal over a newborn or a puppy, she’s a valuable friend for her keen insights and unfailing sense of quiet humor. Although she usually hangs out in the background, her analytical, take-no-prisoners observations are usually far more entertaining than what’s happening on the stage.  

ENFJ: Kumbaya Mom

She volunteers with her children weekly, and let her son dye his hair pink because he is “exploring his sense of identity”. She smiles warmly and often, even at the surly parking attendant who “must be having a rough day”.

INFJ: The Confidant

Were you jealous when your son went to her instead of you to talk about the peer pressure he was feeling to experiment with certain substances? Absolutely. Will that stop you from showing up at her door, uninvited and crying, to spill every detail of your husband’s affair? Nope.

ESTP: The Fun Mom

She passes notes to the other moms during parents’ night, because sitting still for a couple of hours is just so, so boring. She’s beloved as a peace-keeper for moms and tots alike, and is always up to play soccer with your kids in the backyard.

INFP: Meditation Mom

Mom’s Night Out? No, thank you – she prefers getting lost in a good book and contemplating the big questions of the world. She is quick to offer a shoulder to cry on when nobody asks your daughter to prom, but will decline the invite to your divorce party – celebrating divorce is just not her thing, no judgment…

ISTP: The Etsy Mom

She doesn’t brag much about her online sales, but when she does you spend the rest of the day trying to figure out how on earth she made six toddler dresses during naptime. No matter, though – that’s a slow day for her.

ESFP: The Goofball

She may not lead any organizations, but rest assured she is the most fun part of them all. She’s the first to befriend the new girl, she knows all the best gossip, and she is always up for a last minute spa day.


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Robyn Reisch is a proud Penn State graduate who lives in Fort Collins, Colorado with her husband, son, and two dogs. She enjoys cooking, snacking, lounging, reading, gardening, and listening to country and classic rock.

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