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I’ve always wanted to invent a new product. I’ve had a couple of good ideas, but then I usually discover it’s already been invented. Or I see someone on “Shark Tank” with it. I think “Oh man, I was this close”.

A portable potty seat, for example. Out of pure necessity, I came up with this brilliant idea. One day, I was stuck in bumper-to-bumper traffic on the Garden State Parkway in New Jersey, when my 3-year-old suddenly yelled, “I HAVE TO POOP”!  I have not experienced such terror as I did in that moment. Oh, the many joys of potty training. While searching for the next gas station, Mickey D’s, or diner…a lightbulb turned on in my head. I thought – right now I need a car potty with disposable bags. Great idea.

I soon discovered though, that someone else had also thought of it and manufactured it. Probably many other moms had thought of it too. And you know what? It really is an amazing invention. Vital to every family with small kids. We used it too many times to count. Really. If you are potty training and don’t have one, run and get one.

Besides the potty, throughout my years with children, I’ve come up with some other ideas.  Like the potty seat, most already exist though. I do have a couple of ideas that I haven’t seen yet. Maybe because they seem slightly more complicated to construct, than the car potty.  But oh boy, would they make my life so much easier.

My Top 5 Inventions Moms Need:

1. A washer/dryer that FOLDS the clothes and PUTS THEM AWAY in the drawers. (This would seriously be the best invention – ever).

2. A mommy robot/clone that would wake up with the kids whenever needed, anytime before 7am. (I’m okay after 7am. But before, not so much). Oh, and let’s not forget the best part, the robot would entertain them until I wake up.

3. An automatic dog poop cleaner-upper thingy majingy for my yard. (I don’t need to explain this, do I?)

4. An electric zapper that activates when someone misses the toilet. (I am convinced it would only take one zap to correct the situation. And yes, it’s for my husband too).

5. A soundproof “MOM POD”. (It would be like having a mini-vacation in my backyard. And let me repeat, soundproof! Ahhhhh…) It would look like this –

Can someone please invent at least one of these for me? Pretty please? I guarantee that MANY, MANY other moms will thank you. And so will I!


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I'm a former TV producer from the big city, who fell in love, and somehow ended up in the suburbs ~~ immersed in all things babies! Now I'm a stay-at-home mom/freelance writer / blogger, with two amazing children and a zoo. I'm finally getting used to this crazy thing called parenthood. Wine definitely helps! Follow along at .

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