A Paralyzed Night

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By Sage Lost-Bear, age 11, 6th grade

The cold touch of a river at midnight blankets my toes.
As I slowly drift my feet through the shivering water below,
a small tear drops from my cheek.
It lands in the center of the moon’s gentle reflection,
sending ripples of my sorrow down memories of my past.

I feel the gentle touch of your whispering breathe on my shoulder,
followed by a loving grasp to my hand.
I rest my head on your welcoming shoulder and shut my eyes.

We step further into the water, swaying gently in the wind.
I turn slowly and rest my gaze on your eyes,
as they hold the reflection of the moon.
I gingerly place my arms around your chest,
and grasp your warm sweatshirt.

As if dancing to dreary music,
we rock back and forth gently, swaying rhythmically.
The only sound is a warm wind running through my hair.
It seems the night is paralyzed.

You place your soft hand under my chin
and lift my face to meet your gaze once again.
I feel the wind gently tugging at my white silk skirt as it passes.
I return my gaze to your hazel eyes as you begin singing a comforting lullaby,
adding my name to verses every once and awhile.

I feel your hand sweep my hair to the side and tuck it away.
The swirling mist is now to our knees, and flows around us.
I begin to cry, leaving a big wet puddle on your shirt.
You keep your gaze on me until it is over, and gently make a shushing sound that matches with the water.

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