Dear Haribo Gummies

mouths of babes mouths of babes

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By Ella Steinberg, age 13

Dear Haribo Gummies,

Do you know what you have done?
With each sticky, chewy, yummy bite
you pull innocent people into a downward spiral of craving.

My mother was naïve to your secret ingredient,
she still is.
Squishy, colorful, and tongue tingling,
She has been seduced, unknowingly abducted.

She’ll go far to keep her treats safe.
On top of the fridge, tucked into the pantry, on top of the armoire
possibly hiding somewhere in her room.

She thinks she’s hidden them well,
but no.
Small predators tiptoe giggling, shushing each other,
towards their hiding place.
Pushing, shoving, elbowing.
Anything to taste the gummy heaven you sell
in little gold plastic bags.

So please.
Make up a cure,
make these delicious morsels harmless,
save my mother,
and me.

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