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By Birch Banks

Give hope a chance

All I’m saying is, give hope a chance

Because she loves to change the world

With each word she brings light

Like a dawn, a torch in the dark, a familiar friend.


Give peace a chance

Because he really needs it

To say he is fighting war is an understatement

Because he takes every low to show

The world it’s not worth it.

Never striking back,

He embraces hate as only peace can,

Fighting a battle without hurting a soul.


Give equality a chance

Because they would do it for you

Equality has no boundaries, man or woman,

Gay or straight, white or black, Christian or Muslim,

Because equality wants to see each of us

Have a chance to be the change the world needs

There are no walls when equality’s involved


Give the world a chance

It won’t end with one person

It will end when we all give in

To hate, who can’t see the beauty in us all.

To borders, who stops a man from loving a man,

To guilt, who we hide behind until he steps aside.

We don’t need them.

The world doesn’t need them.

What we need is…

The torch at night of hope,

The strong stance of peace,

The welcome arms of equality

And each and every one of you!


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April 2017 – GIRLS

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