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By Kalysta Fern, age 13

It’s impossible for me to imagine 


as young as me:

                               with your careful confidence depending

                               on the steadiness of your hand as you

                               applied your makeup.

                I was there too, though you didn’t notice me.

                Me, and an infinite number of other mes,

                all inside of you


by the enormous power of your body’s potential.

                               We sat there,

                               in the waiting room of God

                               and as is wont of those in waiting rooms,

                we waited.

I see you only as you are now,

your laughs

and frowns

all reflected on your face.

                The weight of your age eclipses you sometimes,

                and I’ve never seen anything more beautiful.

                                            We’re both growing old, you just

answered the starting gun first.

                                Each year I grow more like you.

                Already I feel the weight of a thousand possible 

               mes waiting within me, like a Russian Nesting Doll,

As I once waited within you.

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