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A collection of poems by Missoula International School students around the theme “Better Together”

Never Alone
by Bruce McCubbin, age 13

As they run through the forest

On a hidden path,

Never looking back,

The land of shrubs and grass,

The river flowing smoothly.


They run from the darkness within,

Always together, always strong,

Follow the hope of redemption,

The air on their warm faces.


The brothers will never stop,

Though they are chased out,

They are never alone,

In these peaceful woods.  

Better Together
by Whitney Webber, age 13

Two heads are better than one,

The best things come in threes,

Things are better together.

It takes one to tell a joke

And one to laugh.

One to trek up the mountain and

One to be there at your side.

One person to fall and the other

To grab your hands and pull you up.

Two to dance under the moon.

Three to have a party.

Everything is better together.

It takes one to come up with a plan

And two to make it happen.

Three to saddle the horses and

Ride them through the tall grass.

One to paint the sun,

And one to watch the brush glide.

Dave Concave
by Liza Littig, 8th grade

I remember when we were younger and he

Would toss us into the lake,

Grill up burgers,

Slice ripe watermelon,

Pass the volleyball over the sagging net,

Laugh as the sun blazed.


I remember how he showed up,

Reeking of alcohol,

Eyes red,

Face sagged.

His concave stomach churned and

His long, weak fingers twitched.


I remember how he wanted to

Return to those lovely days,

To splash in the water,

Bike through woods but he

Couldn’t stay out of the bar.


“Walk through that door and you never get to see those girls again.”

The door shut wildly behind him.


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