She is Confused

mouths of babes mouths of babes

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Kine Stimac, age 13

She is confused
about what will happen next.
It has been pain,
it has been cut.
I don't refer to her
as a her,
or woman,
because she is not one.
She is trickling away,
through her own cracks.
She is thin,
unnaturally thin,
food fills her mind,
but she pushes it away
with a whisp of snack.
She surrounds itself with things,
girls with emotions,
girls that have been
given no respect,
boys pushed so hard
that they can't push
Water clears her mind,
the tears fall
down her face,
it makes her think
of the beach,
when mom was alive,
when dad
was not in jail.
It falls into
its own hole of misery,
as it falls,
the sliver of hope guy,
that you want to relive
all go up
drift up
as it
all falls down.


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