mouths of babes mouths of babes

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By Matilda Beltz, Age 12

I awaken
soft, and downy
nestled like a baby bird
in the nest.
you the mama bird
are absent.
Warm blankets
wrap around me
and I open my eyes,
I look out the window
and realize  that
over night
winter has come.
Its cool icy finger tips
brushing the tree limbs
sprinkling a fine layer
of white snow
on car windshields
on sidewalks
on the rooftops.
Winter has
Its presence.
you missed it.
now we are wary
watching the blue horizon
not believing
yesterday it was winter
the air is still cold
but the sky is a cheerful blue
colorful leaves are no longer masked
by a white cloak
they shimmer
and flutter
golden and orange
in the sun.
but winter was here,
It was here
and you missed it.

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