Cherishing All The Tiny Moments

Kristy Hartz Poetry

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Toothpaste in the sink

Drops of water all over the counter

Towels on the floor

Dirty clothes never reaching the hamper

Even pee on the seat

Toilet paper next to the trash, not in

Crumbs throughout the whole house

A book on the stairs

Socks scattered everywhere, not in pairs

Hair ties on the couch

Blankets thrown down

Folding, don't think they know how

Jackets laying beneath the hooks

While shoes find themselves torn apart

One on the rack, the other near the door

Dirty bowl in the sink

Yet the spoon lies on the counter

Milk splattered all over the wall

Milk container empty upon the refrigerator shelf

Trash bag full and falling down

Crunched up cereal I just stepped on

For real, every single morning

How these little people can't remember

To pick up after themselves

Quit making all these messes

That clearly drive me up the wall

When will they get it

And just do it

When can I expect it to sink in

Are they really that lazy

Or am I just too demanding

Always delegating tasks

Shouting out orders

Wanting everything perfect

Why can't I just relax

Who cares really if the house is clean besides me

I need to chill out

Sit back, perhaps give myself a time out

Watch for more than a minute

Actually see how absolutely amazing

These itty bitty people are

Quit letting those small insignificant things get to me

Cherish all the tiny moments they give to me

The smiles, laughs, hugs and kisses

Watch them play games, use their imagination

Coming up with silly ideas, having so much fun

So precious, so free and so young

Showing me what they love and what they will become

Wake up and realize to some this is all only a dream

Be thankful for the blessings I have been given

Realize time is unstoppable so make every second count

And always remember that one day they will leave


May 2016 – Cherish
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About the Author

Kristy Hartz

I am a mother of four amazing but rambunctious children who lives outside the little town of Winfield in Iowa. I am currently a stay at home mom who is getting back into my childhood passion of writing.

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