Gratitude Comes In On Sundays

Hatton Littman Poetry

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When everything finally slows down

When the grooves on the bed fit me perfectly

When the warm spots envelop me

When we have all settled our nervous systems down enough to let gratitude overtake us

like warm bath water slowly covering my head as I sink down into the tub.

That’s how really good gratitude works

It’s pervasive

It seeps in like warm massage oil

You can feel it in between your fingers like sea air

Thick, warm, embracing

It fills the whorls of my inner ear

It wraps around each of my 10 toes

It weaves thick waves in my hair into a deep nest of lavender, salt, oil and sunlight.

Gratitude comes in like the warm hand of a mother on the back of my neck.

Like the soft comforting security of holding my husband’s hand

And even the sweet release of anger and tension.

How did it happen like this?

How did God know that it took a day of rest to find this thankfulness, this compassion,

this complete comfort?

Humans have been having this experience for eons.

There is something bigger than me in this feeling.

This feeling of finally having enough, of finally being enough.

Everything is just as it should be

And I am grateful.


About the Author

Hatton Littman

Hatton Littman is a phenom mom and the Technology and Communications Director for Missoula County Public Schools. In between school board meetings, school bond campaigns, the unveiling of 21st century school initiatives, kid carpools and listening to her husband, Hatton finds time to dance like crazy, practice Yoga, mountain bike and rock climb, paddle board, ski, organize her girlfriends for a surf trip and play scrabble. Hatton is living out and loving the second chapter of her life with her second husband Cameron Johnson and her two boys Weston and Ben. They make the most of the Montana lifestyle together.

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