I Blinked

Alyce Kominetsky Poetry

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When I close my eyes I can vividly remember the moment.

The moment when you were placed upon my chest.

You were beautiful. You were fragile. You were ours.

You were amazing.

In that moment I felt a love like I had never felt.

I promised to protect you. I promised to care for you. I promised to hold onto you forever. I promised myself to savor each precious moment.

I blinked.

When I close my eyes I can vividly remember the moment.

The moment you stood up on your own two chubby, squishy legs.

You were wobbly and uncertain. You were determined. You were filled with excitement.

You were amazing.

You took your first steps toward me and I felt so much pride I wanted to shout from the rooftops.

I promised to let you choose your path. I promised to walk beside you. I promised to pick you up when you tumbled. I promised myself to embrace your newfound freedom.

I blinked.

When I close my eyes, I remember the moment.

The moment you said, “I love you Mama,” for the very first time.

You were proud. You were filled with discovery. You were exploring a new way of expression.

You were amazing.

I felt your love for me deep in my core.

I promised to hear your words. I promised to encourage your voice. I promised to never silence your thoughts. I promised to teach you that your voice has a right to be heard.

I blinked.

When I close my eyes, I remember the moment.

The moment you looked at me with your sparkling blue eyes and stated, “I can do it myself, Mama.”

You were full of opportunity. You were filled with determination. You were filled with exuberance at your own choices.

You were amazing.

I watched you look at yourself in the mirror basking in your achievement.

I promised to let you make your own choices. I promised to support those choices. I promised to encourage you to have strong opinions. I promised to help you find your independence.

I blinked.

I look at you and watch the little girl you have become. At four years old, I am amazed at the person you are becoming.

I watch you run confidently through the leaves, leaping and jumping with ease and delight.

I listen to you tell me every last detail about preschool with pure joy and excitement. I see you needing me less and less as you discover all of the wondrous things you are able to do on your own.

I admire your strong sense of self and independence.

You express your mind, and stand firm in your convictions.

You are amazing.

Sometimes I am afraid to keep blinking.

It seems like each time I blink, another year passes.

You blossom and mature with each passing season.

With each and every blink.

Yet, I keep blinking.

With each blink, I hold onto every promise I have made to you.

With each blink, I do my best to savor each precious moment.

With each blink I marvel in the person you are becoming.

Each blink brings incredible opportunity and possibility.

I close my eyes.

I remember each passing moment.

I open my eyes.

I prepare myself for the moments to come.

I blink.


About the Author

Alyce Kominetsky

Alyce is a full time Professional Communications student, and full-time Wife and Mama. When she isn't busy chasing after her four year old; she loves reading, writing, and dabbling in photography. She proudly admits her obsession to reality television. You can find Alyce on her blog, and on and .

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