Life With An Almost 6 Year Old Boy

Veronica San Chirico Miller Poetry

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He loves absolutely

He laughs riotously

He pilfers mischievously

He collects impulsively

He listens, barely

He washes marginally

He cuddles ardently

He creates obsessively

He constructs masterfully

He defends earnestly

He cares tenderly

He yells ferociously

He cries woundedly

He leaps fearlessly

He ponders deeply

He destroys thoughtlessly

He gives selflessly

He lives freely


About the Author

Veronica San Chirico Miller

Veronica is a native of Northern California where she lives with her husband and two young sons. She longs for a room of one’s own, even if it’s only a bathroom. While putting her children to bed she crafts poems and essays that she attempts to get written down before they are forgotten. Veronica is also a painter, teacher and psychotherapist.

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