Motherless Mother’s Day

Katie Coppens Poetry

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Do you get a wish

on Mother’s Day?

If I did—

I would wish for you.

I would wish for you

to hold my children,

and laugh with them,

and play,

and smile.

And for you to be their grandma.

A grandma, not just in name.

But as the mother of their mother

who adores them

with a love—

that is generations deep.

I would wish for you

to tell me

that the love

of a mother

does not die.

You are alive through

your children

and your children’s children.

But more than anything—

you are alive in the mother I am.

And the mother I will become.

I would wish for you

to know how much I miss you.

And ache—

for what could be.

I know I don’t get a wish

on Mother’s Day.

But, if I did—

I want you to know,

I would wish for you.


About the Author

Katie Coppens

Katie Coppens is a middle school science and English teacher. She lives in Maine with her husband and two children. For more information on her publications please visit her .

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