My Two Little Honeys

Amanda Buck Poetry

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I wanted you both ever since I was small

I'd play house with my friends and imagine it all

The children I had would always be two

But I never dreamed of one's quite like you

For who could imagine such breathtaking creatures

Your sweet dispositions and many fine features

You've had my whole heart since you came into being 

Supporting your growth, I've enjoyed overseeing

My sweet darling girl, your laugh is commanding

Who knew someone so little could be so demanding

The challenges we've faced have sometimes been scary

All the burdens you have I wish I could carry

Cystinosis is just a disease that's within you

It does not define you and our lives will continue

To be happy and joyful and filled to the brim

With hope and support and our love from within.

My precious baby boy, oh the smiles you have brought us

Quietly watching you play, many times you have caught us

Your wonder for life is a breath of fresh air

To behold you so happy, often makes me stare

My nerves take a hit when you're fearless and daring

A more cautious demeanour I wish we were sharing

But to know that you trust me so fully and completely

Leaves me determined to be there to catch you so neatly

My family is full of laughter and love

Your cuddles and hugs I will never get sick of

To hold you so close and feel your heat

Brings tears to my eyes and my heart skips a beat

I'm lucky to have children as beautiful as you

And I'm thankful for life and all we've been through

It may not be easy and always so sunny

But there's no one I love more than my two little honeys




About the Author

Amanda Buck

Amanda is a mother to two beautiful children and began writing, after her daughter was diagnosed with the rare disease cystinosis. She started the blog to chronicle their story, advocate for her daughter and help other families in similar situations look for their silver linings. Her writing has appeared on The Mighty, Good Mother Project, Coffee + Crumbs and she was a cast member of Vancouver's inaugural Listen To Your Mother Show. You can also follow her families story on .

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