Ode to the Drop-Off Playdate

Caroline Hand Poetry

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Oh, drop-off play date

How I love thee!

You are new to me

As my daughter is not yet 5

But almost

The first time I dropped her

At a friend’s house

And drove away

It was as if I had found

Free time I didn’t know even existed

The unbridled joy I felt

To have extra time to myself

I can’t even put into words

The level of joy I’m talking about

The chance to run an errand

Or write something

Or catch up on

Episodes of “Younger,” “Girls” And “The Mindy Project”

It almost matters not

Whether I host the playdate

Or if I drop my kid at a friend’s house

Both are so helpful

And so awesome

Because even if the playdate

Is at my house It means two hours of

Someone else occupying my child

Someone who isn’t me



About the Author

Caroline Hand

Caroline Hand is a freelance TV producer, writer and mother of one who recently moved to the 'burbs after 19 years in New York City. More of her musings can be found in the pages of Us Weekly's Fashion Police and at .

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