Of Which I Dream

Kate Abbott Poetry

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To plant a vegetable garden,

Overturn winter cold earth,

Hover near the seedlings.

Watch the vines and stalks emerge, bright green and tender.

Water in the evening coolness

After summer sun eases,

Pluck berries, touch the corn silk,

Smell tomatoes in the heat.

These things I sometimes dream of.

To make a perfect rhubarb pie.

Fluted edges to the crust

Tangy, sweet and warm

Hand churned vanilla ice cream

Melting down the sides.

Of these things I dream.

To meet the school bus in the afternoon,

Hugs and kisses and schoolyard gossip.

To check all the homework,

Smiles and flashcards and spelling.

These things I dream of sometimes.

To crochet a lovely afghan,

Turquoise and amber and celadon

For contented rest in evening.

To set a candlelit table,

Linen and goblets and butter knives,

Conversation long and lively,

Of these things I dream.

To sleep on feathered pillow,

To slumber without waking,

Surrounded by my precious,

Little ones with skin of baby

Furry ones with paws and whiskers,

Night song and moonbeams in the window,

Open to the midnight air.

No furrowed brow of worry.

Of these things I only dream.


About the Author

Kate Abbott

Kate Abbott is a mother, runner, yoga instructor and recovering attorney. She delights in writing from the heart. Her first novel, Running Through the Wormhole, was published in March 2015. Her second novel, Asana of Malevolence, will be published in spring 2016.

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