Redefining Beauty in Motherhood

Heather Holter Poetry

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Beauty is…

the softness of and stretchmarks on your tummy where your little miracles grew,

the strength of your arms from pacing the floor with your baby and rocking your baby,

the volume gone from your breasts used for nourishing and comforting your infant,

the pain in your neck from gazing at your sleeping beauties,

the curve of your hip where your toddler’s bottom rests,

the ache in your feet and back from chasing around your little adventurers,

the bags under your eyes from losing sleep taking care of sick littles,

the extra pounds from enjoying family meals together,

the lines on your face from smiling at and laughing with your precious kiddos,

and a few grey hairs from constantly worrying if your loves will be okay.

This is true beauty….Relish it!!!


About the Author

Heather Holter

Heather Holter is a mother of 5 school aged kids age 6-12. She loves to read, write and spend time with family. She writes a blog titled . She blogs about the adventures and mishaps that occur in her family life. You can also follow her on .

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October 2015 – Beauty
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