Something About Water

Kristen Gunning Poetry

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As I reach for the dish soap,

and turn on the faucet,

I don’t expect anything.

It’s a task I do a lot.

But, there’s something about water,

that transforms the ordinary.

Being near the Ocean,

soaking in the tub,

walking in the rain.





But, I’m just cleaning up after all!

It’s a day, like so many others.

I want to get the dishes done,

get the kids to bed,

and enjoy my tea, and ice cream.

I’m exhausted, but I don’t mind doing the dishes.

In fact, I often offer to do them.

Certainly, it’s a bit of time to myself.

As I submerge my hands, into the warm water,

the familiar smell of soap rises from the suds.

I’m transported unexpectedly,

as I feel warm tears streaming down my face.

Inhaling soap and steam,

tasting my salty tears,

face to face with the grief,

I’ve been desperately trying to ignore,

I succumb.

The kids call out to me from the parlor,

and I return.

“I’m coming,” I say, “I’m just doing the dishes.”


About the Author

Kristen Gunning

I love writing, as it offers me a way to learn more about myself, and the human experience. Although my experiences are personal, the themes, and emotions I write about are universal. Writing also allows me to creatively express my most challenging emotions, and in doing so, honors them. I live in RI with my husband, Jonathan, and two children, Eli, and Ruby.

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