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Pregnancy can be an amazing and profound experience. But it can also be awful. I've heard so many stories from both sides of the spectrum that sometimes I don't know whether I'm ecstatic to one day get pregnant or petrified. Either way, many Mamaloder's have given me the sense that it's a journey worth taking. From knowing a mother's love no matter what, to dealing with a heart-shaped womb, to knowing which social media outlet to post my “We're expecting” announcement to!

I don't plan on having any babies for at least another eight years or so but I do know this, I wont be alone! Women with every kind of background are telling me what their stories are and it's amazing. Plus Size Mommy tells me not to let my body define me during pregnancy. Nadine Bubeck brought her pregnancy journal to the world to show us that imperfect pregnancies are normal! Belly Buds founder and daddy shows me how to get my baby interested in music before even being born. Pregnancy is a nine month, crazy adventure, but you don't have to do it alone!


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Sydney Day

Sydney will start her senior year at the University of Montana this fall and is very excited to be a part of the Mamalode team this summer. She was born in Seattle but ventured out to Montana to spend a few years outside the city and see the big sky country. After graduating she hopes to head back to Seattle and focus on feature writing at an alt-weekly magazine. She has had a love for writing from a very young age and hopes to one day write her very own novel.

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