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Not too long ago, my husband said he would watch the girls so I could take the dog on a walk on a local trail on Mount Sentinel.  I procrastinated because it was a little cold and I was feeling a little lazy.  But I did, and I’m so glad.

Before kids, I would hike up the mountain several times a week perhaps hiking for 2 – 4 hours. Maybe I’d make a loop and head towards the “M” Trail or some days I’d just go up and down.   There was one thing I always enjoyed looking at on the way up the hill.  Oh, this is going to sound strange because surround by such natural beauty and what am I looking at. Chairs.  Weird, eh?

There was just something about them.  Something in the colors against the monotone and muted, tall- grass on the hill.  I often wish I could sit in them and watch the sunset over Missoula and the Blue Mountains late on a warm summer day.  I also suppose I just like the way they looked.  And every time I passed I thought, I really need to bring my camera next time.  Yes, next time.

But that was another lifetime ago and much has changed.  I don’t get the chance to hike much anymore even though sadly we live less than 1 mile to the trailhead.  Then, last year when I hiked up the mountain the chairs were GONE.

I was pretty upset.  Not really because of their absence, but because I never took any photos.  I was upset at myself because after years of thinking about it, I waited too long.  And the opportunity was forever gone.

I’m not one to procrastinate much, but I do, probably much like the average person.  I had to wonder how many other opportunities I’ve put off.  What other areas in my life do I just assume I can do later?  Plenty of course.  I was thinking about all this on the way to the trailhead that day and as I climbed the gravel road to the top I could not believe what I saw.

The chairs!

I cannot accurately describe the instant feeling of joy that overcame me.  The light was beautiful that morning and I vowed to not put it off any longer.  I would return tomorrow at the same time.

And I did.

Of course the light was not as great as the day before, the sky was overcast and I feel the photos don’t really do them justice. Presented with less than ideal circumstances I did the best I could do with my situation.

I suppose I find it sort of ironic that I’ve used these chairs as a metaphor for my life.  I feel very lucky that they returned, like I was given a second chance.  In countless ways I feel this way about life too.  I think about my family’s near-death experiences, from horrific car accidents and frantic 911 calls to our second child not breathing on her own at birth.  I am also mindful of all the unknown dangers we have natively escaped everyday and ones we may not escape in the future.  I have learned to never take anything for granted and to do the best that I can do with my situation.

So I am grateful.  For returning chairs, beautiful days, wonderful friends and family, and of course, second chances.

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