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I see you.

Mommy friend who wakes up before the sun rises, leaving the house while it’s still dark. Your twin babes still sleep soundly at this time—unaware of the sacrifices you are making just to provide for their basic needs.

You get to work and tirelessly pour yourself into the main aspect of your job—helping children overcome certain disabilities. You love on these children—from different genetic chains than yourself. Tirelessly you serve: 12+ hours a day, 6 days per week; yet you still come home to your sweet blood related little ones with a smile on your face. With supernatural strength, you continue to pour this endless love (you seem to exude) onto them as well.

You sigh a sigh of relief once you tuck your kids into bed—but not because you need a break from them. You are relieved your new business adventure is working out! You jumped into your new role as the breadwinner of the family with both feet, shortly after your husband lost his job. It was scary at first—food stamps and desperate measures ensued just to keep basic bills and food on the table—so much was at stake.

Now it’s grown beyond your capacity to take care of by yourself; there’s more work and responsibilities as mother and business owner than you are able to absorb alone. Strategically you’ve been rolling with the punches, adjusting when needed. You continue to sacrificially give yourself up for the needs of your family.

It’s been a crazy roller coaster of ups and downs but one thing is constant—your love for your family is timelessly unchanged.

I see you.

Mommy friend sacrificing your career to be a stay-at-home-mom with your kids, because it was the best decision for you and your family.

You’ve molded into that role well. Amidst potty training woe’s, cleaning messes for the 15th time that day, you invest your time and energies into two darling kids who match your features; teaching them, correcting them, encouraging them, guiding them, loving on them.

Although bills are becoming harder to pay due to the arrival of another mouth to feed, you remember the beauty and benefits of your calling.  Your faith is unwavering and is what richly attests to the calm presence you exude to your life. You’ve embraced motherhood like a glove and it fits you so well—did you know that my beautiful friend?

I see you.

Mommy at Starbucks with the latch-key baby who won’t let you put him down. You go here often—telling yourself it’s so your baby gets to have some fresh air—but secretly it’s for your own sanity—which is completely ok to admit my dear.

You see this motherhood gig is some hard stuff, as you are quickly realizing with your first little one. You long for the social interaction and connection with others that you once had, something more than responses from your babe with “gaga” and “baba” all day long.

You wouldn’t trade motherhood for anything in the world, but oh how you miss those days of being able to take an unending hot shower with no worries or fears or times constraints against you. You’ve discovered this motherhood gig is beyond exhausting, draining, and more soul stretching than you ever fathomed it would be. But you are doing it mommy friend, and beautifully I might add. Even though it may feel like you are failing at this gig, I promise you that you are not.

Isn’t there beauty and joy to be seen in those tiring moments where your bones ache to an incomprehensible level and you can barely keep your blood shot eyes open?

It’s in those baby tinkling laughs, which inevitably emanates a rumble of laughter from your own bowels.

It’s in those cat purring noises your baby exudes after he’s undergone his breast milk-induced coma, eyes closed, mouth slightly agape to reveal his 4-toothed grin.

It’s in those moments where you can sense and see the gears working in his sponge-like brain as he begins to figure out his toy, pressing its button, making it light up with his favorite twinkling star song.

Mother friends, I see you!

Really… I do!

You’re significance goes beyond measure. Your love is beyond end. You are captivatingly beautiful just as you are.

Your efforts to serve and love and keep serving are not going unnoticed.

I see you. I see you. I see you.

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